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Whether filtering for aesthetic or artistic purposes, or for more precise results as scientific or medical applications, the possibilities are virtually endless. The Achromatic+ back offers the unique ability to capture only the wavelengths of light that you specifically want to capture. Use traditional contrast filters just like you used to do while shooting landscapes with film... Or filter for a particular spectrum; near ultraviolet, infrared, or some other combination of results.

When filtered, the capabilities of the Achromatic+ back are expanded to be virtually limitless.

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The Achromatic+ has the ability to reveal details which otherwise could not be seen. In the photograph below, the t-shirt appeared to the naked eye much as it does in the image on the right. When shot with the Achromatic+ back and filtered for UV, you can now observe an additional character which was previously invisible.

By coupling the ultra-sensitive Achromatic+ with select-spectrum filtration, we were able to create an image which would otherwise be impossible.

Similarly, Dr. Markus Brantl uses the Achromatic+ back in archiving & reproduction of rare books. By using select-wavelength filtration, he is able to isolate specific features of the subject and reveal details which would otherwise be obscured.



In the example at right, the same principles & techniques were used to reveal the original edits which were made on this piece of music. The information which has been covered or glued over is now visible. Likewise, the same techniques can reveal hidden details in between pages, and even within the paper itself (watermarks).  Thanks to Dr. Markus Brantl, director of the Munich Digitizationcenter/ digital library of the BSB for the image examples.

There are many possibilities when it comes to filtration of the Achromatic+ back. For more information on filtering to suit your needs and/or specifications, please contact us.

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