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The Achromatic+ is the ideal tool for the traditional fine art photographer. Black and white imagery lies at the core of photographic history, and is the medium with which the most famous and significant works have been created.

With 39 million pixels of resolution, the resulting image quality from the Achromatic+ digital back is comparable to traditional large format film, and delivers infinitely more in terms of efficiency, creativity, and of course, instant feedback.

Modern digital technology blended with pure & simple traditional photography yields one of the most significant developments in digital photographic history.

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Return to your roots with the Achromatic Digital Backs

The only digital camera of its kind.

When you're ready to take your black and white digital photography one step further, to the ultimate image quality, meet the Achromatic+. 


Developed for the highest quality and impeccable fidelity, the Achromatic+ digital back was the first true black and white digital capture device ever created. Without the presence of a Bayer pattern filter, the Achromatic Bakcs are free from all color interpolation... meaning sharpness is exponentially higher, and resolution can be compared to other cameras of much higher pixel-counts.

Maybe it's time to return to your roots & shoot uncompromising quality black and white... digitally!


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