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The Achromatic+ back is an extremely precise and sensitive digital imaging instrument. It is capable of full spectrum imaging and extended range UV & IR as well. Isolation of the desired wavelength range is as simple as filtering for it. Reaching well beyond the visible spectrum, the Achromatic+ records un-interpolated data which is virtually free of any foreign artifacts or image anomalies.

   As you can see in the chart to the right, Quantum Efficiency of the sensor in the Achromatic+ back is expanded beyond the visible spectrum to include ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. This expanded sensitivity is the result of the lack of Bayer Pattern color filters and IR cut-off filters on the Achromatic+ digital back.

   This lack of filtration also contributes to the capture of the most accurate data, increased sharpness and foreign artifacts are virtually nonexistent.

The only digital camera of its kind.

The Spectral Sensitivity of the IQ3 & IQ4 Achromatic Digital Back is graphically represented in the attached figure, illustrating the range which extends beyond the human visible range and can be selected and controlled trough the use of optical filters (or selective illumination sources) providing a vast amount of control for both the creative photographer as well as scientific and technical applications.  Bear Images offers a wide range of tools to assist in your applications for 100 Million pixel detail and image control matters

Phase One IQ 3 and IQ4 Achromatic Digital Back Spectrum

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The Range of Imaging Potential

for Both Visible and Infrared

The Range of Imaging Potential

for Both Visible and Infrared