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Scientific & Photogrammetry

  1. Full spectrum band imaging

  2. Extended IR and UR ranges

  3. Easy to maintain clean sensors

  4. In-camera Black & White imaging without data interpolation

  5. Special mounts for copy stands, microscopes, and custom cameras

  6. Select spectrum imaging offers specialized data, plus the ability to capture infrared spectrum images in conventional lab areas.

  7. Integration with Alpa premium technical cameras with ultra-high resolution optics from Rodenstock and Schneider as well as all major medium and large format camera platforms.

  8. Special camera interface SDK is available.

Spectral data courtesy of the Eastman Kodak Company

   As you can see in the chart to the right, Quantum Efficiency of the sensor in the Achromatic+ back is expanded beyond the visible spectrum to include ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. This expanded sensitivity is the result of the lack of Bayer Pattern color filters and IR cut-off filters on the Achromatic+ digital back.

   This lack of filtration also contributes to the capture of the most accurate data, increased sharpness and foreign artifacts are virtually nonexistent.

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The definition of black and white imagery.

Scientific & Photogrammetry

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When used for scientific purposes, or any application in which ultimate precision and accuracy are required, the Alpa Metric camera may be the ideal solution. This camera system is available by special order only, as it is adapted and calibrated precisely to the end user’s needs and specifications. It is most commonly found in computer-supported measuring for industry, cartography, surveying, and many other technical applications.

The only digital camera of its kind.