The 39 Megapixel Achromatic+ back offers

new  horizons for  classic techniques.

• For the high-resolution shooter with unlimited burst sequences and optimized for large format digital photography.

• Digital zone-system technology with complete optical filtering capabilities.

• In-Camera Black & White imaging without data interpolation.

• In-camera pre-visualization and speed.

• In-camera large format image quality.

• Integration with Alpa premium technical and field cameras with ultra-high resolution optics from Rodenstock and Schneider as well as all major medium and large format camera platforms.

Fine Art Black & White Photography

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But what about color?

   The Achromatic+ is capable of much more than just black and white photography. Through selective color and/or wavelength filtration, there’s virtually no end to what can be accomplished with the Achromatic+ digital back. True creative freedom and highly selective control over your imagery means you can create art in the camera instead of the computer; False color, Infrared, Ultraviolet, or true black & white.



Pure & Deliberate Photography.

If a return to the fundamental and deliberate photography you once knew is your goal, the Achromatic+ digital backs can help you get there. With a seamless blend of bleeding edge technology and pure traditional photography, the Achromatic+ offers everything you could do with black and white film... and so much more.

It integrates with all major medium format, large format, and technical cameras just like a film back used to do.
The sensitivity of the sensor is quite unique; offering up to one hour exposures with very low noise and zero reciprocity, making it ideal for night photography or extremely low light situations. The Achromatic+ creates a reference file in these situations, measuring the ambient noise in the environment and sensor, and uses this information when processed in Capture One software to subtract unwanted artifacts from the photographs... it’s like pushing tri-x to 3200 and beyond but without the grain.

    Over 18+ f/stops of dynamic range offers the photographer ultimate control in the digital darkroom. In many situations, through utilizing this dynamic range along with the available tools in Capture One, the photographer can create HDR images without merging multiple exposures. Every detail is recorded with ultimate clarity and accuracy from the highlights to the deep shadows.

    Beyond all of that, the ability to shoot infrared, ultraviolet, and select-spectrum images on a whim is truly astonishing...There’s no need for special film, special processing, or even special handling. The Achromatic+ digital back is perhaps the most versatile digital imaging device in existence.


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