The 39 Megapixel Achromatic+ digital back:

the ultimate in preservation.

• Conventional black & white copy photography with preservation of extreme tonal ranges.

  1. Extended ultraviolet & infrared imaging sensitivity for image analysis and authentication.

  2. Digital zone-system technology with complete optical filtering capabilities.

  3. Unique true data imaging - No Bayer-Pattern data interpolation as found on conventional camera systems.

Art Preservation &

Conservation of photographic materials

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The Achromatic+ offers unparalleled results for copy photography and preservation. Reduction in handling of fragile materials, recording extreme tonal ranges, and the lack of data interpolation makes it particularly well suited for sensitive or critical materials.

The definition of black and white imagery.


  1. Integration with Phase One automated camera systems with 120mm macro reproduction lenses and other technical and field cameras with ultra-high resolution optics from Rodenstock and Schneider as well as all major medium and large format camera platforms.

  2. Multi-image spectral separation photography for pure color separation imaging and preservation of color originals.

  3. Ideal for glass plate imaging, large format aerial film digitization and volume digitization projects demanding the utmost in image quality.

  4. Compatible and integrated with the Phase One Capture One softwares. Custom imaging applications also available for specialized imaging applications.

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The Achromatic+ is also commonly used for the documentation and preservation of old and rare materials such and books, maps, and documents.




By utilizing select-spectrum filtration and specialized lighting, details in these rare books were revealed which would otherwise have been obscured. By observing these details photographically, it is possible that restoration efforts and potential damage may be avoided.

The only digital camera of its kind.