Returning to your roots has never been easier. Literally a film replacement for your favorite medium or large format camera, the Achromatic+ digital back delivers traditional black and white imagery at a level that has never before been achieved.

    The Achromatic+ digital back is a purely black and white, 39-million pixel digital back designed for the capture of light in it’s purest form. There is no Bayer pattern on the sensor and specialized data read-out, which means it never separates the light into colors and subsequently there is  zero color interpolation and a unique quality.

    IQ3100 Achromatic and IQ4 150 Achromatic, up to 151 Million Pixels, similar to the Achromatic+ Image Quality for XF Camera, XT and others.

    Details are captured with unparalleled clarity and accuracy, and the possibilities for the control we once had are now present again. Each pixel records what it sees; no more, no less, and without the interference of mosaic-color information nor demosaic processing.

Return to your  roots  with the Achromatic

The definition of black and white imagery.

The Achromatic+ integrates seamlessly with all major medium format, large format, and technical camera systems... meaning you can once again shoot with your favorite camera... or build a completely new system.

Black and White Photography

Select Spectrum Imagery

False Color Infrared

Near Ultraviolet Imaging


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The Achromatic digital backs are available as bundles with the very special Cambo WRS Technical camera kits and Phase One XT/IQ4. These packages are available  in a variety of configurations with optimized lenses, select camera body, filters, wooden handgrips, ground glass, interface plate for Achromatic backs, case and more...

To participate in this very unique and exclusive opportunity, be sure contact Bear Images Photographic at 650-321-2327.

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Achromatic + is Made by Phase One

of Copenhagen, DK

Designed and Developed by

Bear Images Photographic, Inc.

Distributed worldwide by

Bear Images Photographic, Inc.

and their team of specialized agents.

Achromatic+ Defines New Horizons

    The Achromatic+ Digital Back Replaces film with unsurpassed image quality, ease of application and unique repeatability for Photographers, Preservation Specialists and Scientific Imaging Professionals.

    It is designed to integrate with all major conventional Medium Format, Large Format and Technical Cameras, which means the Achromatic+ Digital Back can be used with any common camera system which offers interchangeable film magazines or adapters for the film plane.

    In addition to common camera systems, customized ‘camera’ solutions, photogrammetry systems and specialized camera systems which offer an extreme degree of precision and controls are also available.  Both mechanical and electronic shutter controls are available including computer interfaces for automated shooting.

    Custom batch imaging and processing softwares are available to facilitate large imaging projects as well as for applications where variables must be maintained to a minimum.


Welcome to the Achromatic+

The only digital camera of its kind.


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IQ3 & IQ4 Achromatic

    The IQ3 100 & IQ4 150 Achromatic Digital Back Exceeds film capabilities, with unsurpassed image quality, ease of application and unique repeatability for Photographers, Preservation Specialists and Scientific Imaging Professionals.

   Designed to integrate with the Phase One XF Medium Format Camera System, Large Format and Technical Cameras, which means the Achromatic Digital Back can be used with a variety of quality camera system which offers adapters for the film plane in the Phase One/M645 Mount and the latest XT camera with IQ4.

    In addition to common camera systems, with mechanical shutters, the ES feature allows this back to be used without a mechanical shutter for special and fine art applications, Live View is available on the Backs plus computer via various tethering interfaces for automated shooting.


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We are very proud of the image quality of the original Achromatic+ at 39 million-pixels.

Check-out the information and the many examples from these backs.  Then consider the 101 and 151 million-pixel backs.  Lets talk about your photography and the tools you may want to consider.